Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boxwood Blight Information (Not found in Illinois)

This blog is in response to all the questions that I have been receiving about a newly discovered disease in the US called Boxwood Blight (Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum).  This disease has not been found in Illinois, but has been found in other locations in the US:
Date Confirmed  in  US          Location___
10/26/2011                 Surry County, North Carolina
10/26/2011                 Middlesex, Fairfield, Hartford,  
                                    New London Counties,  
11/01/2011                 Carroll County, Virginia
12/13/2011                 Providence County, Rhode Island
12/14/2011                 Prince Georges County, Maryland
12/19/2011                 Barnstable County, Massachusetts
12/20/2011                 Washington County, Oregon
12/23/2011                 Westchester County, New York
1/24/2012                   Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
3/26/2012                   Lake County, Ohio
Survey Status of Boxwood Blight; Leaf and Stem Blight

Boxwood Blight (Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum


•This disease was 1st described in UK –mid 1990’s

•2002 found in New Zealand and disease was named in UK

•Since 2002, this disease was reported throughout Europe

Host: Buxus species

1). Initial Symptoms dark to light brown spots/lesions on leaves.  Leaves turn brown/straw colored and defoliation occurs quickly

2). Also infects stems with distinctive dark brown to black lesions (leads to plant death)

3.)  Does not appear to affect roots

Fungicides do not appear promising, but research is ongoing
If you suspect this disease on boxwood, please send a sample to a NPDN Plant Diagnostic Lab near you.