Thursday, May 12, 2011

So, You Want to Grow Grapes..........

I have recently had some grape questions. Luckily, Dr. Elizabeth Wahle, Horticulture Specialist has some advice, for those wanting to start growing grapes. 

"All grapes have numerous disease and insect problems and there should be a commitment to a spray program. If you plan on managing the pruning and pest management for good fruit quality, then grapes would be an attractive addition to any home.  If not, it can turn ugly fast!" (Midwest Grape Production Guide)

 Here are a few grape diseases that affect fruit quality:

Powdery Mildew of Grape (Picture by NC Jones)

Grape Black Rot and Anthracnose

Just wanted to let you know about the great, commercial and home grape production as well as other fruit resources available, thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Wahle, Horticulture Specialist, located out of Edwardsville, IL.  These links are taken directly from her website.  They are as follows:


Commercial Grape Nurseries

Commercial Vinyard Suppliers

All you need to know to grow grapes!
Midwest Grape Production Guide


Growing Fruit for Home Use

Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide

Other U of I Extension information on Grapes:

Do you want to take grapes or other fruits to the market?

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