Monday, July 23, 2012

Todd Gleason's Sunday Drive to Determine Illinois #Corn Yields

On Sunday, a member posted the following on a private agronomic Facebook page:

"Do you follow Todd Gleason (University of Illinois Farm Broadcaster) on Twitter? @commodityweek. He just did a big loop today from C-U to Jacksonville and south and back east through Litchfield to Dalton City. They were driving 20 miles, stopping at first corn field @ first culvert and walking in 50 paces and pulling 3 ears in so many steps."

After seeing this post on Facebook, I quickly checked out Todd's posts on Twitter.  If you are interested in corn yields around the state of Illinois, I suggest that you check it out too!

Thanks to the magical world of social media, Todd saw that I was following his "Sunday corn yield journey" and sent me an email with further information and pictures. 

Above is the route and actual field stops.

The above photo is taken near Pana, Illinois, my home county, and can give us some hope that some areas in Illinois may actually have some fair yields.  My Dad farms not too far away from this location, but I don't know that our corn looks this good.  The rains were "hit and miss" and very spotty this year in our area.

Above are Todd's photos of corn ears from each field visit from left to right.  He got an actual "0" in Carlinville, Illinois.  

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