Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Testing at the U of I Plant Clinic

Oak infected with Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS)

Tree samples ready for Bacterial Leaf Scorch testing at the U of I Plant Clinic.

Cutting petioles for testing them and carefully weighing out each stem sample.

Leaf petiole sample and buffer are added to the bag and ready for grinding within the mesh sample bag.

Loading the test wells for BLS testing.

Added the control buffer to the time to incubate!

Incubating for 2 hours!

Time to rinse out the wells (8 times).

Making the conjugate to be added to the wells.

Filling the wells with enzyme conjugate and letting incubate again
Incubating again for 2 hours.
Second rinse (8 times)

Add substrate solution and the wait up to 20 (+) minutes.
The blue color indicates a positive result or presence of the pathogen in a particular sample.

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