Tuesday, June 11, 2013

U of I Plant Clinic June Crop Disease Report

The crop samples have finally started to arrive from across the Midwest to the U of I Plant Clinic after very, late planting dates, thanks to the rain.

I had a "Deja vu" moment last week, because I realized that we were diagnosing some of the same corn diseases, such as holcus spot and anthracnose leaf blight at this same time during 2011. I have also recently heard some reports of purple corn.  This problem was also seen and discussed in this 2011 blog:  http://universityofillinoisplantclinic.blogspot.com/2011/06/any-reports-of-areas-or-entire-corn.html

Here are some of the diseases or problems that we have been diagnosing on corn and soybeans at the U of I Plant Clinic:

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) egg counts in soil samples
For more information on SCN and sampling:  http://news.aces.illinois.edu/news/fall-soil-sampling-chores
Pythium root rot of corn
 For more information on pythium root rot of corn:  http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/pastpest/articles/200106g.html

Rhizoctonia root rot of soybeans
 For more information on Rhizoctonia root rot of soybeans:  http://ipm.illinois.edu/diseases/series500/rpd511/index.html

Holcus spot of corn
 For more information on Holcus spot of corn:  http://www.mafg.net/Files/Holcus%20Leaf%20Spot%20Of%20Corn%20In%20Southern%20IllinoisXEAHaN.pdf

Anthracnose leaf blight of corn
 For more information of Anthracnose leaf blight of corn:  http://universityofillinoisplantclinic.blogspot.com/2011/06/anthracnose-leaf-blight-on-corn-crop.html

Symptoms are very similar to those that can be caused when a soil applied PP0-inhibiting herbicide receives precipitation at about the time when soybeans are emerging - Dr. Aaron Hager

For more information on the U of I Plant Clinic:  http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=367

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